machinery & maintenance officer

To manage entire maintenance work of machineries at WCE work site at Taiping Perak accordance to the guideline set by company, supervise assigned mechanics, other subordinates work and liaise with machinery suppliers to keep the machines at tip top condition.

Key responsibility and accountabilities: –


  • Establish Daily machine inspection and obtained report from each machinery operator.
  • Review the daily machine inspection report and take needful action to fix technical problem.
  • Provide monthly briefing to operator (photo for record) and stress an important of daily care, do & don’t of the machine also share with operators the impact for the machine when daily care not performed or inconsistence.
  • Train each operator on how to do the daily check properly to avoid premature failure.
  • Coordinate with machinery supplier and ensure all the machines are serviced as per manufacturer recommended interval.
  • The repair of machinery has to be followed on workorder system via ERP process whenever there is any service and repair to be done.
  • Submission of weekly machine down report and with reason through admin assistant.
  • Pucrases local simple item shall through petty cash and claim later accordingly.
  • To reinforce all the bucket teeth prior to the machine, deliver to worksite as well as new replacement when its needed.
  • To have an advance order via ERP of bucket teeth, side cutter, cutting edge and other related parts of machinery and replace it before it is reaching the wear limit.
  • To supervise the subordinate such as admin clerk, mechanics and welder and ensure maximise their daily work.
  • To manage the materials, fuel, lubricant and manage the inventory as system established
  • To manage waste room within the compliance and disposal via compliance has been set.
  • To submit reports related to machinery and others as per request.
  • Establish Daily machine inspection and obtained report from each machinery operator.

 Job Requirements :

  • BSc/BA degree in Architecture, Building Science, Engineering, Construction Management, or another related field.
  • Minimum 10 years skill hand on skill on heavy machinery and supervisory skill.
  • Computer literate and able to prepare report via power point.
  • Good knowledge in handling machines.
  • Minimum SPM/Technical training & Vocational training minimum diploma
  • Key performance indicator ( K.P.I )
  • Machine routine services within interval set by manufacturer.
  •  Manage entire assigned staff strictly and improved their daily work.
  • Famalization of ERP machinery management system.
  • Material, fuel, light machine received and delivery tight control and manage it within the guideline set.

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